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LAGUNA EYEWEAR offers many polarized sunglass choices to optimize vision clarity by eliminating glare wherever the sun is shining.


The sun shines down on us wherever we live - on sunny beaches or the city streets, and every town, mountain top or valley in between. Sunlight is reflected in every direction, horizontally and vertically - we experience this as glare. This glare, or intense scattering of horizontal rays, causes eye strain and fatigue as the pupils constantly adjust to the changing angle and intensity of the light. Eye fatigue can be a trigger for headaches and migraine. Polarized lenses filter out the horizontal light rays thus eliminating glare and thereby reducing eye strain and improving visual clarity and definition.


By eliminating reflected glare, polarized sunglasses increase visual clarity, contrast and true color definition, helping you to perceive features more accurately. Your eyes will be more comfortable as they don’t have to work as hard to see details and colors clearly.


By reducing glare, Polarized lenses can make it harder to see some screens so if you spend a lot of time working with screens, you might not always want to wear polarized sunglasses.


Choosing Polarized Lenses is a matter of preference and lifestyle, but do make sure that your sunglasses provide UVA/UVB400 coverage - like all LAGUNA EYEWEAR sunglasses, because UVA/UVB radiation can cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Polarized sunglasses are great for most outdoor activities: for those lucky enough to spend time at or near the beach, polarized lenses reduce glare on the water; and for those poor souls with a daily commute involving hours staring at concrete highways and the hoods and trunks of cars all around them, polarized lenses reduce glare on all horizontal surfaces.

But if your commute is on mass transportation and you while away the time swiping through Linked In or getting a head start on emails, choosing non-polarized sunglasses will be better for your screen time.

  • UVA and UVB rays, which are also harmful to the eyes, should not be confused with polarized rays. Short term exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause photokeratitis, or inflammation of the cornea, with symptoms including red eyes, gritty feeling in the eyes, extreme light sensitivity, and excessive tearing. Long term effects of UVA/UVB exposure can be serious, such as an increased risk of developing cataracts and skin cancer around the eyes, and irreversible damage to the retina.



While many people choose sunglass lens colors for aesthetic reasons, did you know that different lens colors actually serve different purposes? The tint of your sunglasses can enhance your depth perception and reduce eye strain in different environments and activities.

Grey Lenses provide the truest color perception and reduce eye fatigue so they’re great for everyday use. Grey provides the darkest tint with the highest available light reduction.

Brown and Amber Lenses enhance colors and contrast and highlight greens so they’re good for variable everyday conditions. Brown lenses contain a red element which improves depth perception.

Green Lenses are another great choice for everyday use, especially in areas with less intense sunlight. Green tints dim glare while brightening shadows, and provide good contrast for low-light conditions. Green lenses brighten up the world with a light yellow tint, but might not be dark enough for light sensitive eyes.

Pink and Red Lenses are a great choice if you’re on the road a lot. Red and pink tints offer the greatest amount of contrast, improve visual depth, and reduce eye strain which translates into good road visibility.

Yellow Lenses filter out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices that can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Yellow lenses also provide greater clarity in low light conditions such as fog and haze.

Blue and Purple Lenses are cool and trendy and aesthetically pleasing. Blue lenses reduce glare, enhance color perception and help to define contours.


DRIVING: Grey, Brown, Amber, Yellow, Red and Rose

OUTDOOR LEISURE: Grey, Green and Blue

WATER SPORTS & FISHING: Grey, Green, Brown, Amber and Blue

SKIING: Grey, Green, Yellow, Blue

MOUNTAIN BIKING & HIKING: Grey, Green and Yellow

GOLF: Grey, Green, Brown, Amber and Blue

OUTDOOR SPORTS: Grey, Green, Brown, Amber and Yellow


COMPUTERS & GAMING: Yellow is recommended to reduce blue light exposure


SUNNY: Grey/Black, Green, Brown, Amber, Red and Rose
PARTLY CLOUDY: Grey, Green, Brown, Amber, Red and Rose
CLOUDY: Grey, Green, Red and Rose
FOGGY/HAZY: Grey, Green, Yellow and Blue
LOW LIGHT: Grey, Green and Yellow
SNOWY: Red, Pink and Blue